demi lovato eyebrow

Stencil Code Ba#1

Eyebrow Stencil Ba#1
Inspired by the image of Demi Lovato
Brow Stats:   Brow Shape:
Basic Shape: Angled
Brow Thickness: Thin
Arch Height: Medium
Brow Length: 2 1/8”
(see "Brow  Length Explained" below)
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Demi Lovato is famous as a singer songwriter musician and actress. She is also famous for her beauty. She was awarded 49th place in 2010 for one of "The Most Beautiful Faces". She has won numerous accolades and awards for her music for which she is probably best known.

The Eyebrowz stencil inspired by Demi is a thinner width, angular-arch eyebrow that's well suited for an oval face shape ("Angular-arch" means there's a definite peak in the arch and may be contrasted with a rounded arch where the peak isn't obvious.) Here's an Eyebrowz™ stencil that's ideal for women who want a definite arch without being overly dramatic.


Brow Length Explained



A is the starting point of the brow in the picture

B is the ending point

The line connection points A to B is the Brow Length. Use string to measure yourself as it curves around your face. Generally, long is 2 3/8" and short is 1 1/2".


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