Eyebrow Accessories

We are proud to offer a small select line of eyebrow accessories. Each item has been hand-picked based on your feedback.


  • Highlighter and Concealer Duo

    On the go? No worries. This handy little tool fits in your purse and has you covered in case of emergency. It is a universal concealer and a brow highlighter pencil all in one. One side allows you quickly cover blemishes and dab on a bit of concealer throughout the day when needed. Give yourself an instant eye lift by highlighting your brow bone with the highlighter side. It also serves to get rid of those pesky dark circles in seconds.

  • Eyebrowz White Stick

    What it is: It is a tool that does several things. It comes in a thin pencil barrel and twists out. It looks like a pencil but it is soft like a lipstick. It is “sticky” like a lipstick and white– therefore the name “white stick”.

    Use it to create a makeup “plan” for your brows. Mark where you want your brows to start and end Use it to waterproof the brow powder. The powder particles will “superstick” to the stick. Go swimming and your brows will still be there when you come out.

  • Brow Razor - Touch 'n Brow

    The Touch 'n Brow razor was especially designed for shaving and styling eyebrows. With its uniquely designed safety guard, it offers superior protection for delicate skin. The design helps prevent cuts, nicks and irritation to give you a safe and very smooth shave. (3 razors per package) Perfect for those last minute touchups. Hair will disappear with no red or puffiness left behind.

  • Eyebrowz Brow Gel $5.95

    Some brow hairs just will not cooperate. Does this mean they have to be eliminated? No – this strong styling gel designed for eyebrow hair will keep those hairs firmly in their place all day. No one will know you have it on because it is not shiny. Skin around your brows will not dry out and flake, because this has no alcohol. Your brow hair will look and feel healthy. Pro vitamin B5 has been added. One of our most popular products.

  • Elastic Stencil Holder

    This elasticized stencil holder was developed to securely hold our eyebrow stencils in position. Simply stretch the band around your head so that it runs across your forehead just above the eyebrow area. Then slip the eyebrow stencil underneath for a secure fit. Note: you will still likely have to use a few fingers of one hand for final stencil positioning.

  • Brow and Lash Rejuvenator

    What it is: An all natural blend of seed oils and plant extracts based on ancient formulae for hair regrowth & health. Perks: -Nutrient rich oils provide nutrition needed for growth -Anti inflammatory properties heal follicle hair shaft -Oil moisturizes hair creating soft thick healthy hair -Contains horsetail extract - a known hair growth stimulator Secret Tip: -Massage gently into brows each evening for at least 8 weeks -Remove mascara before applying to lashes

  • Eyebrow Scissors with Brush

    Brow Scissors and Brush provide the first steps in total brow grooming. Scissors feature sharp, straight blades that cut right to their safety point with large finger holes for added control. Blades are specially designed to keep hair from slipping. Brow Brush shapes brows after trimming. Top quality!

  • Stencil File Binder for the Professional Collection

    This convenient binder measures 8 1/2" x 11" and holds all 30 stencils from the professional collections. Each page holds 10 stencils. (Stencils not included).

  • Sahara Brow Bone Highlighter

    This creamy powder creates a beautiful finish. It will lighten your eyes and enhance brow definition. This adds to your finish and polishes your look, while drawing more attention to your eyes. Perfect for those with cool skin undertones.

  • Petals Brow Bone Highlighter

    Perfect for those with warm skin undertones. This creamy powder creates a beautiful finish. It will lighten your eyes and enhance brow definition. This adds to your finish and polishes your look, while drawing more attention to your eyes.

  • Wig Adhesive Remover

    Gently apply to wig mesh to remove adhesive. Contains Iso-propyl Alcohol, Methanol, Ethanol. 1.0 fl. oz.

  • Wig Adhesive

    Top quality Kryolan Matte (no shine) spirit gum. Strong hold and non-allergenic. Brush included. 0.20 fl. oz.

  • Dual Sharpener

    Cutting angle is everything to ensure your brow pencils remain serviceable and last a long time. (A standard pencil sharpener simply cuts at the wrong angle for brow pencils.) This sharpener has 2 holes to accommodate different size pencils. Includes cleaning wand and clear plastic cap to catch shavings. Extra sharp blade.