How to Apply an Eyebrow Wig
  before and after eyebrow wig  
remove eyebrow wig
  Decide where you want the brow to begin  
    where to start your eyebrows

We recommend you trim the wig from the tail end. It is easier to trim from here.

Lay the wig down with a ruler that marks how long you want the wig to be. 

  Mark the Starting Spot for the Brow  
    before wig  

• Eyebrowz White Stick


The white pencil was used to mark the starting spot for the brow.

  Measure the Brow Length  
    measure eyebrow length   TOOLS:
• Ruler


With a ruler measure the desired length of the brow. Compare the length you want for your brow to the length of the wig. In this case the length is good.
  Place the Wig Netting Side Up  
    eyebrow wig  

• Eyebrow Wig
This is a rounded medium eyebrow wig


Here the wig is placed netting side up. We found the best way to keep the glue to a minimum was to place the glue lightly on the netting side of the wig.

  Apply Glue to the Wig  
    glue eyebrow wig   TOOLS:
• Eyebrow Wig


Here the glue brush lightly coats the netting side of the wig with  glue.
  Place the Wig on Your Skin  
    eyebrow wig on  


Simply place the netting side against the skin and press it down with your fingers. The white pencil mark comes off by applying pressure with a cotton swab.

We recommend brushing powder on top of the wig to help ensure a more natural look and finish.

  Wig Removal      
To remove the wig lift the tail section away from the skin and gently pull along the eyebrow.
  Get this look:          

Eyebrowz White Stick




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