ashanti eyebrow

Stencil Code At#3

Eyebrow Stencil At#3
Inspired by the image of Ashanti Douglas
Brow Stats:   Brow Shape:
Basic Shape: Round
Brow Thickness: Ultra Thin
Arch Height: High
Brow Length: 2 3/8”
(see "Brow  Length Explained" below)
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Ashanti with her fabulous voice, musical talent and beauty has captured our attention . Her debut album entitled "Ashanti" sold 500,000 copies in its first week of release. Her release of Concrete Rose paved the way for her to be invited to VH1's Divas of 2004. Since then Ashanti has continued to produce music as well as star in blockbusters Coach Carter and Resident Evil.

This ultrathin, rounded, high arched brow lends sophistication to a look . Why not set yourself apart in this gorgeous brow.



Brow Length Explained



A is the starting point of the brow in the picture

B is the ending point

The line connection points A to B is the Brow Length. Use string to measure yourself as it curves around your face. Generally, long is 2 3/8" and short is 1 1/2".


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