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Size: 0.33 oz

Nancy's Tip: It will also hold a curl in your lashes too. Use a lash curler to curl your eyelashes (heated lash curler is even better). Apply the gel and let it dry (about 3 minutes) and your curled lashes will stay curled all day

Eyebrowz eyebrow gel

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Clear 100% Styling Gel

Conditions Brows, will not flake when dry

Strong hold

Pro vitamin B5 added for hair health

Lasts all day

Some brow hairs just will not cooperate. Does this mean they have to be eliminated?  No – this strong styling gel designed for eyebrow hair will keep those hairs firmly in their place all day.

No one will know you have it on because it is not shiny. You will never struggle with a thickening goo because it  is not gummy. Skin around your brows will not dry out because it has no alcohol. You brow hair will look and feel healthy because Pro vitamin B5 has been added. It comes in a tube with a spooly brush so you can apply and style all at the same time.  

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How it Works

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Place a stencil shape over your eyebrow hair and use the gel to brush brow hairs in the stencil shape. Your hair will follow the shape of the eyebrow stencil. Let the gel dry and then apply brow powder to color hairs and finish off sections (such as the edges and tail) where you may not have hair coverage.

What is the difference between mousse and gel?


Mousse and gel both work toward similar goals. They both help add volume and provide hold.

Mousse is designed to provide a light hold while adding lift, fullness and protection.


Gel is designed for hold. It works on all hair types but is really great for tough to hold down  brow hair. When recreating a brow shape, say creating an arch brow hair can be redirected in the direction of the arch (click here for images) and brow gel can hold these hairs in place.


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