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Every woman now can have beautifully groomed and styled eyebrows.

Follow the seven steps below to find the right tools to get yourself the right shape.
  Select a Makeover  
    the how to page on

Go to Step-by-Step Makeovers and select a makeover based on your goals.

  Look at the Steps in your Selected Makeover  
    the step by step page  


Look at the steps on your selected makeover and decide on the tools you need.

  Jot Down the Highlighted Tools  

Create the list of tools you will need .

  Get Your Best Brow Shape  
    the eyebrow shapes advice page   DIRECTIONS:
Tailor your makeover by selecting the stencil shape you want. Go to the page on how to select your stencils (click here)
  Get Your Best Brow Color  
    selecting your brow powder  

Continue to tailor your makeover by selecting your brow color (click here)

  Shop for Stencils and Products in the Eyebrowz Store  
    the eyebrowz store page  

Order stencils and products in the Eyebrowz Store (click here)


Practice will make perfect. Take your time and have fun.