Eyebrow Makeovers

Explore our step-by-step eyebrow makeover guides.


Case 4: Create Perfect Eyebrows

Step 1: Mark where to start and end your brows

Mark where you want the brow to begin and how high you want it to be. Look in the mirror and decide this before you begin. Mark both sides with the white pencil.

Step 2: Position the Stencil

Place the stencil in position, lining up the inner corner of the stencil with the white mark you have made. Line up the top of the stencil with the line you have drawn across the top.

Step 3: Waterproof the Brow Powder

Lightly fill in the stencil area with the Eyebrowz white stick. Smudge it with your finger to make it even. This suggestion was sent to us by a member of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. We tried it and agreed, it really helped to lay a base. This made our powder go on even more evenly and helped keep the powder in place all day.

Step 4: Brush on the Powder

Press the stencil down and lightly brush the brow powder over the stenciled area. The brow powder was designed to stay on all day. Manufactured brush tips are much fatter than natural hair brush tips. It is the very tiny diameter of the natural hair that lets the brush pick up and deposit powder more evenly.

Step 5: Apply the Finishing Touches

Lightly brush a cotton swab over the powdered area to remove any excess. Remove the stencil and press cotton swab over white lines to remove.

Step 6: Done