Demi Moore eyebrow

Stencil Code De#1

Eyebrow Stencil De#1
Inspired by the image of Demi Moore
Brow Stats:   Brow Shape:
Basic Shape: Angled
Brow Thickness: Thick
Arch Height: Medium
Brow Length: 2 3/8”
(see "Brow  Length Explained" below)
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Demi Moore's incredible talent and sexual charisma has elevated her into one of the highest paid and most sought after female actors in Hollywood. In the image above Demi plays a role that tests the boundaries of a woman’s ambition and will.  Her eyebrows show that strength and determination. The Eyebrowz stencil inspired by Demi Moore would be a good choice for someone looking to balance the square face shape as it contrasts beautifully with the strength of a square jaw line. There’s nothing timid about this look-it’s bold and hot.



Brow Length Explained



A is the starting point of the brow in the picture

B is the ending point

The line connection points A to B is the Brow Length. Use string to measure yourself as it curves around your face. Generally, long is 2 3/8" and short is 1 1/2".


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