Eyebrow Makeovers

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Case 7: Fix Un-Even Brows using the Megan Fox Stencil

There are 3 secrets that explain why Megan Fox's eyebrows are perfect:

1. They arch to open up her face
2. This brow works perfectly with her face shape and proportioned features
3. Her eyebrows are full and thick (there are no sparse areas)

Her eyebrows are often referred to as one of the best celebrity eyebrow shapes. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to get these brows, and you won't have to pay $8,000!

Step 1: Mark where to start and end your brows

Use the white stick to mark where you want your brows to begin and end.

Step 2: Position the Stencil

Place the stencil in position, lining up the inner corner of the stencil with the white mark you have made.

Step 3: Brush hair through the stencil

Brush the hair through the stencil hole following the shape of the stencil. This makes the hair follow the shape you want.

Step 4: Brush the hair back with strong holding brow gel

Brush the hair back into position. Brush along the shape of the stencil and towards the brow tail. Let the brow gel dry (a couple of minutes).

Step 5: Fill in bald areas with white stick

Look through the stencil and see what areas are bald. Lightly stroke the white stick over those areas. Smudge the white markings in. You want to make sure you just have very thin light coverage.

Step 6: Brush Eyebrowz powder over applied white stick

Using a brow powder that matches your brow hair color, apply the brow powder.Place it only over the white stick areas. Do not put it on areas with hair or it could look too strong.

Step 7: Blend down the powder with a cotton swab

Remove excess brow powder. Just as you would blend in blush on your cheek to lighten it you should blend down the brow powder to soften the look.

Step 8: Done

Megan Fox's eyebrows are dense and thick. Eyebrow powder adds density and volume and with a stencil it is not hard to do your eyebrows like Megan Fox.