Eyebrow Makeovers
Step-by-Step Guides

Case 1: Shape Eyebrows

shaping eyebrow before shaping eyebrow after how to shape eyebrows

Case 2: Darken Eyebrows

darken eyebrow before darken eyebrow after how to darken eyebrows

Case 3: Fill in Eyebrows

fill in eyebrow before fill in eyebrow after how to filll in eyebrows

Case 4: Create Eyebrows

create eyebrow before create eyebrow after how to create eyebrows

Case 5: Lighten Eyebrows

lighten eyebrow before lighten eyebrow after how to lighten eyebrows

Case 6: Correct Overplucking

correct overplucking before correct overplucking after how to correct overplucking

Case 7: Create Eyebrows
(Using the Megan Fox Stencil)

create a brow before how to create an eyebrow how to change the shape of your eyebrow

Case 8: Cover Grey Hairs

gray eyebrows before gray eyebrows after how to gover grey eyebrow hair
Case 9: Thin Eyebrows Without Hair Removal
create eyebrows before create eyebrows after how to change the shape of your eyebrow

Case 10: Apply Eyebrow Wig

apply an eyebrow wig before apply an eyebrow wig after how to apply an eyebrow wig



Beautiful Brows - The Ultimate Guide To Styling, Shaping and Maintaining Your Eyebrows.

 - Discover the best brow shape for your face.
- Learn what to do with too much or too little hair.
- Determine the pros and cons of waxing vs. tweezing.
- Maintain your new look.


Filled with illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, Beautiful Brows will show you the secrets for getting the look you want, whether it's sexy, elegant, polished, professional, or just plain beautiful. (more)