Beyonce Knowles eyebrow

Stencil Code In#1

Eyebrow Stencil In#1
Inspired by the image of Beyonce Knowles
Brow Stats:   Brow Shape:
Basic Shape: Soft Angled
Brow Thickness: Thick
Arch Height: High
Brow Length: 2 3/8”
(see "Brow  Length Explained" below)
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In the early 90's Beyonce was the star member of Destiny's Child, one of the hottest girl groups in the era. Since then she has gone on to single multiple albums which have won her many Grammys. With the success of multiple platinum albums behind her, Beyonce Knowles has it all..talent,charisma, sex appeal and youthful charm. This hot selling Eyebrowz stencil inspired by Beyonce Knowles is soft angled, high arched and sophisticated. Just like her music which works for so many people, this eyebrow works for so many face shapes!For a look of beautiful sophistication and elegance, this is the Eyebrowz stencil to try. 


Brow Length Explained



A is the starting point of the brow in the picture

B is the ending point

The line connection points A to B is the Brow Length. Use string to measure yourself as it curves around your face. Generally, long is 2 3/8" and short is 1 1/2".


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• See through
• Lasts for years
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