The Long Face Shape
long face shape

The Goal
Make a long face appear shorter

The Solution
Apply straight horizontal lines that stop the eye moving up and down the face.

The Eyebrow
A flat brow shape accomplishes this. It's horizontal shape makes the face appear shorter. Click through the flat stencil shape catalog and notice that many of these beautiful women have long face shapes.



Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for a Long Face Shape:
We show four of our popular flat shaped brows below. You can click on any of the eye images to see the celebrity image that inspired that stencil shape. You can also see other gorgeous flat eyebrow shapes all perfect for a long face shape in our catalog. These shapes come from the flat eyebrow stencil shapes. You can see our entire collection of flat shapes in the flat eyebrow shapes catalog.
  je3 he6 sy1 br1

Stencil Code: Je#3
Inspired by:
Jessica Alba

Stencil Code: He#6
Inspired by:
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Stencil Code: Sy#1
Inspired by:
Monica Bellucci
Stencil Code: Br#1
Inspired by:
Denise Richards

Order our Flat Shaped Stencil Collection
If you are new to the idea of using a stencil on your brows then no doubt this seems odd. But there are countless numbers of women using this technique. They have discovered how easy it is to get perfect eyebrows that suit their face shape. You can always follow the steps in our how to section (and we send along step by step info). We guarantee results and  invite you to place a review in our store telling everyone your story.

If you have a long face shape, you really have to test drive one of these shapes. Although you may not know it right now this flat shape can dramatically change your look. Certainly some women have been so stunned by their transformation they have felt compelled to phone and tell us. We want you to feel great about the way you look too.

Flat Stencils
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A selection of our most popular flat eyebrow stencils. Order 1 shape to try or create your own collection (see all flat shapes here). Eyebrow stencils are clear plastic and very durable.
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