Mens Brow Advice
A Strong Brow Creates A Strong Look


    What makes this brow strong?

The hair appears thick, full - massive
The brow shape





How to make your hair appear thick and strong


Coating brow hair makes it look up to 1 1/2 times thicker.


Match the color in your hair to the particle color. We offer 9 color choices.

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    How to get a strong shape

A sample of some 75 men were selected (based on their famous personae as good looking men). We found a number of commonalities. We identified three common eyebrow shapes to this group.

      A typical feminine shape:   A typical male shape:  

Note the tapered delicate finish on the tail, the high arch, and the thin shape.

Note the flat shape, the blunt tail,
the full strong brow.


      Three common shapes were identified:
      Shape your eyebrows into any one of these shapes by following the step by step grooming instructions for thick eyebrows.  For each shape above you can select from three stencil sizes. Click here to see the stencils you can choose from.
    Also, no hint of grey- vitality creates a strong look

Eyebrow powder will make graying brow hair look stronger and deeper in color. For maximum gray coverage the Eyebrowz White Stick will coat the hairs making each hair sticky. The result is more powder particles will stick to each hair giving superior gray coverage. Under a microscope coverage looks like this:

    The eyebrow close to the eye creates a bigger, stronger look  
Q. Which circle looks bigger?


      A: Both circles are the same size. The same illusion holds true when the sun sets each night. The sun appears much bigger when it is close to the horizon (the line). When it is higher in the sky it appears smaller. The sun is always 150,000,000 km away. It does not get twice as close or grow twice as big at sunset.  
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