How to Trim Mens Eyebrows

A Warning!  

Eyebrow trimming can be tricky. Before you carry on remember to be careful and take it slow. If you trim too much it will be very noticeable and because eyebrow hair takes a long time to grow back, it will be noticeable for a long time. Only trim a little bit at a time.

Look in the Mirror  
  Each eyebrow is different. Because they are all different there is no single solution for everyone. To start, get a mirror and take a look. Is your eyebrow hair coarse or fine? Is it curly?
Decide What Type of Hair you Have  

Fine Eyebrow Hair
This is the easiest to deal with.
Thin hair lies flat without being long.

Coarse Eyebrow Hair
Thick eyebrow hair can be difficult. The hair will spike up if it is trimmed too short.

Curly Eyebrow Hair
Curly eyebrow hair tends to make you look older. Unless this is the look you are going for, the curls must be trimmed.

Time to Trim  

To start, we recommend taking a spooly brush, and spooling the hair from the bottom of the brow up. Then take a pair of trimmers and cut the hair that is above the spool brush. We have also heard of people taking a comb and coming the hair from bottom to top and cutting the hair that comes through the comb. Remember to only cut a little bit off at a time. Make sure that the hair lies flat after cutting.

If you do not have a spool brush or trimmer we recommend the Eyebrow Scissors with Brush. We also offer a spool brush sold separately.

Finishing the Looks and Correcting Mistakes
  Now that you are done with trimming, it is time to give the eyebrow a clean finish. Take some eyebrow gel and sweep your hair from inside to outside. This will hold the individual hairs in place and give it prefect positioning.

If you made a mistake and now have some spiky hair or a bald spot being exposed, eyebrow gel can help correct this. Use the gel to sweep other brow hair over the bald spot.

Eyebrow hair kept long enough can cover areas missing hair. Brow gel holds it in place. 

Scissors & Brush

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  • Sharp
  • Straight blades that cut right to their safety point
  • Large finger holes for added control
  • Blades designed to keep hair from slipping
  • Lets you control your brow length fully
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Is there a right length for brow hairs? Yes!
Hair that is too short will not lie flat and will look spiky
Long brow hair can age you
A fine hair will fall over flat easily

Older coarse hairs trimmed
too short will not lie flat

Coarse hair needs
to be weighted down


 Be careful trimming  brow hair. How short you go depends on the texture of your hair.

fine hairs - you can trim them short and the hair will still lie flat

coarse hairs - be careful - test out how short to go with one hair first

- like gel  for bad hair days - brow gel will help manage difficult brow hairs