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Nancy's Tip: This product is also great for shaving delicate neck and facial areas.

touch'n brow razors

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Three colorful razors per package

Safety guard helps prevent nicks and cuts

Superior protection for delicate skin

Got an important event? This is a "must have" brow product for those with too much hair. This product is perfect for emergency hair removal and last minute touch ups. This product is a uniquely designed razor for shaving delicate neck and facial areas.


The unique safety guard ensures delicate skin above the eyes do not get nicked or cut.

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hair follicle

• Shaving removes the hair at the skin surface


• Hairs will regrow


• It won't look the same when it first comes out. Many mistake the hair as different because the stubble is so short it feels much different than a full grown hair.

The hair has a chance to change when it is pulled out, such as by tweezing, threading or waxing.