Eyebrow Makeovers

Explore our step-by-step eyebrow makeover guides.


Case 8: Thinning Thick Brows with no Hair Removal

Step 1: Before

Step 2: Moisten the Brows

Place water on the brush and brush it through the brow hair. Just as your head hair gets limp when soaked in the shower, brow hair also becomes limp and manageable if you wet it down with water first.

Step 3: Comb Brows through Stencil Hole

Place the stencil over the eyebrow. Brush the brow hair in one direction through the stencil hole. The objective is to pull all brow hair through the stencil hole and brush it in the direction of the arch.

Step 4: Keep Combing

Carefully lift the stencil out from your brow and push the comb above the brow hairs on top. Comb down and pull them through the stencil hole.

Step 5: Comb the Bottom Hairs

Repeat the above procedure for the brow hairs on the bottom.

Step 6: Apply Gel to Brow Hair

Apply brow gel & comb the hair through the brow stencil. Repeat the combing action several times. Let the gel dry - a couple of minutes. Gel provides firm hold.

Why this works:
Notice how the brow hair on top appears to be combed straight down. This is an upper brow line that follows the stencil shape used. Many people have a natural upper brow line that looks like this.

Step 7: Apply Powder to Bald Spots

A small amount of powder was applied to the tail after the gel dried and before the stencil was removed. The stencil was removed and a lovely rounded shape results.