Eyebrow Shaping
Step-by-Step by Nancy Parker

Armed with only tweezers, getting the shape you want is a challenge.
Follow our guide on shaping eyebrows to get perfect results.

A few simple tools make it easy
  Mark where to start & end your brows  

Eyebrowz White Stick


Mark where you want the brow to begin and end

  Position the Stencil  
    Position the Eyebrowz Stencil  

An Eyebrowz Stencil (El#1 was used here)   
Stencil Band Holder (Optional)


Place the stencil in position, lining up the inner corner of the stencil with the white mark you have made

Choose a stencil to get it’s shape – see all our beautiful stencil shapes (100 to choose from)

  Brush hair through the stencil  
    Brush the Eyebrow Hair through the Stencil  

Eyebrowz Dual Comb/Brush Combo


Brush the hair through the stencil hole following the shape of the stencil. This step is important. This makes the hair follow the shape you want

  Trace Stencil Outline  
    Use the white stick to trace out the stencil   TOOLS:
Eyebrowz White Stick


Trace the outline of the brow shape using the white stick
  Remove Stencil and Hair Outside Outline  
    Remove the stencil and pluck the hair outside the outline   TOOLS:
Eyebrowz Slant Tweezers


We're now ready to tweeze the brow hairs that are outside of the white trace line
  Finish Brows to Hold in Place  
    Give your eyebrow finishing touches using powder  

Eyebrowz Powder
Eyebrowz Brow Gel


Hairs have now been tweezed and the white outline is removed. The stencil is placed back on, a tiny amount of brow gel  is placed on the brows. The Eyebrowz brush/comb is used to comb the brows as in step 3. Powder is brushed over the tail area to touch up the tail very slightly. Finally, the stencil is removed to give the result seen here.

  Optional - Add More Definition to Brow Edges  
    Define the edges of the brow   TOOLS:
Eyebrow Defining Pencil


A block inner corner was desired for a finish. The eyebrow pencil very lightly outlined the entire brow.
  Get all the tools in one kit:  
Where to from here?
  dark haired shaping kit

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Eyebrowz White Stick


Stencil Band Holder




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Eyebrowz Brow Powder


Eyebrowz Brow Gel


Dual Comb/Brow Brush

slant tweezer

Eyebrowz Slant Tweezers

brow pencil

Eyebrow Defining Pencil