The Square Face Shape
square face shape

The Goal
A square jaw is a strong feature. Balance it with a strong brow or soften it with curves.

The Solution
A thicker stronger color and shape balances a heavier jawline. A defined sharp peak at the top of the brow makes the brow appear stronger.

The Eyebrow
Angled brows create this balance. Also consider the curved brow shape, suggested for diamond face shapes. The curves soften stronger features



Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for a Square Face Shape:

Stencil Code: Ca#1
Inspired by:
Cameron Diaz

Stencil Code: Ma#3
Inspired by:
Marilyn Monroe
Stencil Code: Mo#2
Inspired by:
Christina Augleria
Stencil Code: Um#1
Inspired by:
Uma Thurman

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