Your Best Eyebrow Color

Q: What shade of brow powder is right for me?

A: This can vary depending on how much brow hair you have. If you have a lot of brow hair, we recommend trying to match the color as closely as possible. If you have sparse hair, we generally recommend:

  • dark haired people should go one or two shades lighter than the color of hair on their head

  • light haired people to go two shades darker than the color of hair on their head

Rules are only "conventional wisdom" and this may not be best for you.

We find most of our customers prefer eyebrow powder and tell us they find it very soft and natural in appearance.

Many African-American and Hispanic women report that the dark brown powder works exceptionally well (although we do get some who report black was best). Asian women tell us that the soft black and soft charcoal powders creates a beautiful look for them.


Brow powder was matched to brow hair color here. You can't tell where the powder ends and the real brow hairs begin. The brow powder is as close as possible to the color of the eyebrow hair.

Notice in this image the brow powder covers both the skin and hair to create a completely new brow color. Sparse and light brows can go with a color different from their brow hair.