Eyebrow Makeover Tools
The Right Tools For The Right Results


Eyebrow Tools

Stencils Provides perfect accuracy 
Brow Powders Provides Color & Natural Soft Finish
Prestige White Soft  Pencil A great marking tool
Brushes A grooming must.
Tweezers For hair removal
Razors For hair removal
Brow Gel Provides hold
Brow Mousse Provides volume lift and a light hold
Brow Bone Highlighter Provides the look of an eyebrow look
Book Helps you solve the mystery around what:
  •  brow shape
  •  color
  •  position
  •  length
  •  style and
  •  thickness

 would be best for you. 

Stencil Holder Helps hold the stencil in position (won't wreck your hair or makeup)
Brow Scissors For some - all they need
Eyebrow Wigs A selection of real human hair brow wigs for men and women

Eye Tools

3D Fiber Mascara Creats instant longer lashes.
Eye Stencils (X-plosives) Provides perfect accuracy for giving perfect shadows
Natural Shadows eye shadow Provides a natural shadow finish for making eyes look bigger
Vibrant eyes eye shadow Provides a shadow finish for giving eyes a more vibrant color
Eye liner For defining your eyes