Where to Start Your Eyebrows

"Eyebrow Position Can Make Close Set Eyes Look 'Normally' Spaced"

normal set eyes close set eyes start the eyebrows
slightly apart
eyes appear
normal set

Celebrity makeup artists have used this technique for years.

If your eyes are normally spaced than your eyebrows play no role in making them look more or less normally spaced. They already are spaced normally.

If Your Eyes Are Normally Spaced

Start Your Eyebrows:
Follow a straight line up from the corner
of your nose to the inner corner of your eye.

End Your Eyebrows
Follow a straight line up from the corner of
your nose to the outer edge of your eye

or create a more masculine / authoritative look

moving the brows in creates a slightly stronger look

starting the brows "by the book" creates a more feminine look

Are your eyes close set?

Measure the Length of your eye

Go from your inner corner to the edge where you last see the white of your eye (like in the photo).

If your eyes are close set...

Your eyes are separated by less than the length of your eye. Move your brows apart by the length of one eye distance

If your eyes are normal set..

Your eyes separated by the same length as the length of your eye. If your eyes are separated by a length greater then the length of your eye, your eyes are "wide set" (lucky you).