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Beautiful brows book

Put Your Best Face Forward!


How many times have you plucked, waxed, trimmed, stenciled, or penciled your eyebrows -- or paid someone else to do it for you? It's hard to control the outcome of these methods when you're at home standing in front of a mirror or in a salon letting a stranger make the decisions for you. Now whether you do it yourself or go to a pro, Beautiful Brows puts you in control:

• Discover the best brow shape for your face.
• Learn what to do with too much or too little hair.
• Determine the pros and cons of waxing vs. tweezing.
• Maintain your new look.


Filled with illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, Beautiful Brows will show you the secrets for getting the look you want, whether it's sexy, elegant, polished, professional, or just plain beautiful. (128 Pages)

Beautiful brows book

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