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Eye Shadow

Create the perfect smokey eye


This collection of stunning single eyeshadows comes in shades from truffle shadows (perfect for a smokey eye) to a gorgeous lilac ice shimmer. Their texture guarantees intense and buildable coverage. They can be applied to the eyelids or use on other areas of the face to achieve a personalized unique look.

Size 0.10 oz | Made in USA 

Highly Pigmented 
Water Resistant

Cruelty Free

Truffle Shadows
Truffle shadow has a richness that is designed to deliver a subtle line around the eye that enhances its shape and size. With its fine glimmer and natural radiance, this elegant truffle blend creates a perfect natural appearance, suited to all eye colors and skin tones.

Black Diamond

Black diamond’s shimmeringly translucent tones perfectly magnify the eye, and the rich tones of this shadowy mélange enhance the appearance and size of the eye while remaining tastefully subtle.

Cinnamon Ribbon
Cinnamon Ribbon has seductive hints of warmth and exotic spices. It’s shimmering combination of honey tones acts as the ideal backdrop to blue eyes, enhancing the eye color’s natural glow.


Lilac Ice Shimmer
The Lilac Ice Shimmer powder has subtle hints of shimmer with soft purple hues for an elegant look for both daytime or night time. The understated sparkle of this powder creates a flawless look for either daytime or evening.

Smokey Plum
Smokey Plum’s velvety, smooth shades beautifully highlight the eyes. With its rich blend of purple shades, it works as the perfect highlight for brown eyes.


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