Get Brow Finishing Products In Your Name.

Create your own brand with brow finishing products in your name. Right from the start, our dedicated team is focused on ensuring that you get the best value for your dollar.

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Why Eyebrowz Is Different:

  • Personal Service
    Our dedicated team of artists will work with you to ensure your products are of the highest quality. From difficult technical files to unique custom options, we will get it done.
  • Ultimate Convenience
    We require no lead times and very low minimums. Most orders ship within 48 hours.
  • Professional Quality
    Eyebrowz provides unmatched value, made possible by our state of the art manufacturing operations and friendly expert staff.

Premium Packaging Available:

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More about Private label eyebrow cosmetics...
Cosmetic products in your name tells your customers a lot about your business. When customers take home your products they have invested in you. As they make up their brows friends and family will see what they are using. When those friends and family look to see (and they will) what your customer is using they will discover your name. This is how your name and business spreads.   Our products are very popular in threading salons, brow bars, salons & spas and cosmetic retailers. Why? We understand how important quality is to your business and our products have been designed to ensure your reputation is safeguarded.  

We have more than a grab bag of private label cosmetic products.
We have many many successful wholesale accounts who carry our private label eyebrow and other cosmetics. We want to help you grow your business.

Our commitment to you:
We fill your private label cosmetic orders within a day
You have proper marketing materials to be successful in selling your private label cosmetics
You and your staff understand how to best sell your products
You have the price points you want to maximize your profits
You and your customers are happy with the quality of products you are getting 

We design our products around our understanding of what your market wants. We are committed to  doing what we need to do  to help you be successful. 

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