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Tell us about your brows, your face shape, and brow goals.

(2) Get your custom shapes
Our algorithm creates custom eyebrow stencil recommendations to achieve your best brows.

Angled Stencil Catalog

This high, sharp peak draws onlookers' eyes u
pward, giving a youthful appearance. The peak creates a strong brow that works well with other strong features, such as a square jaw. It can also help slim a round or diamond face. 12 Angled Stencils Available.

Soft Angled Stencil Catalog

Similar to angled, but its peak is softer, more subtle, and feminine. Shapes in this catalog have often been referred to as "perfect" brow shapes. 29 Soft Angled Stencils Available.

$3.90 / Stencil

$3.90 / Stencil

Round Stencil Catalog

This shape softens the face, literally adding roundness and helping tone down sharp features, such as a pointed chin.
23 Round Stencils Available.

$3.90 / Stencil

Flat Stencil Catalog

Perfect for those with long faces. The horizontal lines of this brow make the face appear shorter and more oval.  12 Flat Stencils Available.

$3.90 / Stencil

Curved Stencil Catalog

This flattering shape projects a feeling of confidence and professionalism. It works especially well on a square or oval face. 8 Curved Stencils Available.

$3.90 / Stencil

Men's Stencil Catalog

Tame unruly brows and get the perfect shape with our men's collection.  6 Men's Stencils Available.

$3.90 / Stencil

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