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Brow Bone Highlighter

Complete your look

Unleash your radiance with our transformative brow highlighter pencil. Highlight your brow bone for an instant eye lift and perfectly defined arch, while effortlessly hiding stray hairs. On the flip side, a powerful concealer quickly erases pesky dark circles, revealing refreshed, vibrant eyes. 

Size 0.10 oz 

Full Coverage
Matte Finish
Stick Formula

Water Resistant
Long Lasting

The dual brown pencil is our brow bone highlighter

Do you need a sharpener with it?
This pencil doesn't come with a pencil sharpener, but these should work with most standard cosmetic sharpeners. We also offer sharpeners here. 

How long does this pencil typically last?
It should last for about 8-12 months.

Add a Dual Sharpener

The highlighter pencil sharpener

Dual Sharpener

Perfect for our brow pencils

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