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Lash Shampoo

Oil free makeup remover for lash extensions

This lash shampoo is all natural and gentley removes make up while cleansing your lashes. Proper lash cleaning is vital to maintain a proper lash PH and helps clean your lash extensions. This will gently cleanse your lashes, lift eyelash makeup and won't weaken lash extension bonds.

Size 2 fl.oz | Made in USA

Oil Free

Lash Extension Safe
Cruelty Free
Alcohol Free

Our gentle lash shampoo is oil free and designed to remove makeup, oils and other impurities.

Can this be used on my entire face?
Yes! It is extremely gentle and suitable for the entire face.

Will this remove lash glue?

No. It does not contain any oil, and won't breakdown the adhesive in extension lash glue.

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