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Light Haired Filling In Kit

All the products you need in one convenient package

What's Included in this Kit:

(1) Six of our most popular filling-in stencils:
The Je#1, Dr#1, Ro#1, Gw#2, Ct#1 & Cz #3
(2) The Eyebrowz Elastic Band Holder (To hold your stencils in place)
(3) The White Stick
(4) The Powder Puff Brush
(5) Two Eyebrowz Powders (Light Brown & Blonde)
(6) Two small applicator brushes 

How to use this kit:

Step 1: The "natural" brow, tweezed


Step 2: Using the white stick, mark where to start and end your brows: 


Step 3: Position the stencil. We recommend using the elastic band holder to hold the stencil in place.


STEP 4:  

Apply Powder.  Like all colored powder, the secret to getting a natural look lies in the blending.tart by getting a generous helping of brow powder on the brush. Lightly tap the brush to shake off loose powder so it doesn’t fall on your face. Stroke the powder over the stencil as though you were brushing your hairs flat. Remove the stencil. Expect to see harsh edges and heavy brows. Don’t panic. You are almost done. Now use a cotton swab to start removing powder. Keep going until you feel the heaviness has gone. Still using a cotton swab blend the edges to remove harsh lines.


STEP 5:  

Apply Finishing touches and repeat for the other side.



A gorgeous finished brow.

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