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What shade is best for me?

Designed to give a rich color payout, this soft, micro fine, powder is water resistant and contains no mineral oil. They look so natural no one will know you have cosmetic on. Part of the secret is in its rich formulation. (There is a lot of color per powder particle). The powder also provides a soft finish – perfect for helping the brow remain subtle. Businesses that depend on the quality of their brow cosmetics for their reputation choose our powders.

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Select your shade:


This sand beige powder will darken blonde brows by one to two shades. The result is a very natural and beautiful softly darkened brow. Many women tell us they love the ash blonde color they create from this.

Dark Blonde

This is perfect for a wide range of blondes. If you have dirty blonde hair, strawberry blonde hair, or any blonde (other than platinum blonde) this is the shade you want. It has NO hint of warmth, absolutely no red and no brown. If your coloring is cool and you are a shade of blonde other than platinum this is the color for you.

Light Brown

One of our most popular shades, this warm toast color works well for a wide range of complexions. It adds color to light brow hairs and blends smoothly with many shades of brown.

Medium Brown

Our lush medium brown has to be our most versatile color. It is very popular. Apply with little blending to create a stronger, more dramatic look. Apply more sparingly and blend to get a soft honey color.

Dark Brown

A warm rich chocolate brown, this powder is soft and smooth. This color was carefully chosen after canvassing a range of brow experts across the web. This is the powder color they chose that would work best with dark haired women. Many women in the know have chosen this brow powder - our most popular shade.

Soft Black

Raven haired customers love our Soft Black powder as it gives the clean look they're after without being overpowering. It's suitable for a wide range of women, especially for those with black hair. Our most popular black shade.

Soft Charcoal

Natural - This is our lightest shade of black. The color is not strong and adds black softly to brows creating a beautiful soft natural effect. It is a pure black color – with no hint of brown.

Jet Black

Looking to create a dramatic impression? Our Jet Black brow powder is for you. But it's not only for those with a dramatic flair! When used with some of our thin stencils this shade gives a highly polished look.


A rich cappuccino shade, our warm auburn powder has just the right red hue. Most often selected with a light or dark brown powder and custom blended, this is absolutely beautiful for red heads and brunettes with auburn highlights.


This color creates a very muted, very light shade. It is in the ash blonde color category. For those with "barely there" brows wishing to add just a hint of color this is a good choice. It's color payout is too weak to work well to color skin to create brow extensions. It won't take over your brows but will add volume naturally and very lightly.


How to get an even lighter soft charcoal shade and yet have a reasonable concentration of color? We added a hint of sparkle and reduced the color in this very soft black base The result is our lightest charcoal / black shade yet. With a hint of glitter it also adds a sparkle for those special evenings.


Yes. Our top priority in formulating our powder was to ensure that it stayed on all day. It doesn't run in the rain. It is water resistant. It will fade if you go swimming.

If you first apply our white outliner stick it will waterproof the brow powder.

Why This Works So Well:
- Powder particles carry the color.
- The trick is to get the color particles to stick to your hair.
- The sticky white pencil will help powder stick right to the individual hair.

Under a microscope you see this:

Absolutely! This is the other big advantage powder offers. Most common choices for blending we find are: Brunettes with auburn highlights blend auburn with either light or dark brown. Blondes blend light brown with blonde to control the darkening themselves.

The rule of thumb for brow color is for dark haired people to go one or two shades lighter for their brows and for light haired people to go two shades darker. Many African-American and Hispanic women report that the dark brown powder works exceptionally well (although we do get some who report black was best). Asian women tell us that the soft black powder creates a beautiful look for them. Here you can't tell where the powder ends and the real brow hairs begin. The brow powder color is as close as possible to the color of the eyebrow hair. To see the whole how to section click here. Notice in this image the brow powder covers both the skin and hair to create a completely new brow color. Sparse and light brows can go with a color different from their brow hair.

It should last for about 6 - 8 months. Powder can be re-ordered separately when you run out.

Eyebrow powder is simple to apply evenly and quickly. It creates those perfect edges that grace magazine covers, when applied with a stencil. For those with sparse areas or faint color, powder adds both color and volume. This creates an overall softer effect than the application of simply color.