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Clear Brow Gel

A natural styling gel with ultra-strong hold

The gel, specifically formulated for eyebrows, offers a strong hold without shine or gumminess, and has been a best seller for over a decade. Its strong hold emulates the sleek, uniform appearance associated with brow lamination. Formulated without alcohol and enriched with Pro vitamin B5, the gel ensures that the skin around your brows does not dry or flake, while promoting hair health.

Size 0.33 fl. oz | Made in Canada

Strong Hold
Alcohol Free

Cruelty Free
Won't Flake


Using the Brow Gel with Stencils: 

Place a stencil shape over your eyebrow hair and use the gel to brush brow hairs in the stencil shape. Your hair will follow the shape of the eyebrow stencil. Let the gel dry and then apply brow powder to color hairs and finish off sections (such as the edges and tail) where you may not have hair coverage.


You can also use the gel as a clear mascara to tame & style lashes.

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