Eyebrow Brushes for Perfect Results

We've spent the last 20 years designing the perfect brushes based on your feedback. Our brushes are all created with a specific firmness that allow for product to adhere to it and glide on smoothly.


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  • Dual Brow Brush

    This brow brush is the ideal brush for applying eyebrow powder. The nylon bristles on the angle tip side are perfect for applying the powder cleanly and precisely. Flip the brush over and use the other end to blend down the powder to create a natural finish and a beautiful brow. A great two in one tool!

  • Powder Puff Brush

    This brush distributes powder lightly and evenly because the bristles are made from real hair. We call it puff brush because you literally puff the powder over the area. The stencil prevents the “puff” from spreading powder into areas you don’t want colored. The tip is soft. Because each hair bristle is very thin in diameter it can pick up more powder than a brush with a synthetic bristle.

  • Angle Brow Brush

    This brush is made from natural bristles. It’s stiffness makes it perfect for applying thin lines of powder. If you are applying powder without a stencil this brush allows for precise application. If you are using a stencil and have small gaps to fill in this brush is perfect.

  • Brow Comb/Brush Combo

    This brush is a must-have for those who have thick brow hair and need daily grooming. This brush makes it easy to comb your hair through the eyebrow stencil and line it up for shaping.

  • Brow Spooly Brush

    This is the ideal brush for trimming brow hair. Simply hold the hair in place while you trim. The tappered shape will give your complete control.

  • Nylon Powder Brush - 2 Pak

    Precision powder application is a breeze with our angled powder brush. You can always use extra brushes - especially at this price! (Note: one of these brushes is included with each brow powder purchase.)