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Professional Collection #1

What it is:  A collection of our 30 most popular selling eyebrow stencils. The laminated catalog card allows you to work with your client to select the desired eyebrow shape. The collection also includes 3 laminated pages that show the photos of celebs used to inspire the 30 eyebrow shapes. It also comed with a stencil file binder that holds and organizes everything.


What's Included:

  •   12 Rounded Stencils
  •   12 Soft Angled Stencils
  •   3 Curved Stencils
  •   3 Angled Stencils
  •   Laminated Catalog Card
  •   Celeb Photos
  •   Stencil file binder with pocketed pages
  •   Elastised band to hold the stencil in place

Professional Collection #1

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