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Professional Collection #2

What it is:  A collection of 30 thin eyebrow stencils. This collection is meant for permanent makeup artists. The laminated catalog card allows you to work with your client to select the desired eyebrow shape. The collection also includes 3 laminated pages that show the photos of celebs used to inspire the 30 eyebrow shapes. It also comes with a stencil file binder that holds and organizes everything.


What's Included:

  •   12 Rounded Stencils
  •   12 Soft Angled Stencils
  •   3 Curved Stencils
  •   3 Angled Stencils
  •   Laminated Catalog Card
  •   Celeb Photos
  •   Stencil file binder with pocketed pages
  •   Elastised band to hold the stencil in place

Professional Collection #2

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